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Enjoy a 10-day Exclusive Trip along the world’s most captivating country to visit, il Bel Paese: the eternal beauty of Roma, the Renaissance splendor of Firenze and Napoli, the mystical ambience of Venezia.

Walk through the ancient ruins of Julius Caesar, feel the history of Peastum´s temples and Napoli´s streets, get so close to Michelangelo’s masterpieces, discover a secret world as you glide through dreamy canals in the world’s most romantic city. The perfect way to know the wonderful Italian country with a personal pace and an attetion to details and special items.

Itinerary: 3 nights in Roma, 2 nigths in Napoli, 2 nights in Firenze, 3 nights in Venezia

Package includes:

  • Ten nights in fully equipped Apts or selected Boutique Hotels and B&Bs.
  • Walking tour of unusual Rome with Pat.
  • Vatican Museum, Sistina Chapel, Uffizi and Galleria Accademia, St Marco and Palazzo Ducale semi-private guided visits.

Reservations are subject to availability at time of booking. The offer may not be valid during holidays. Groceries and heating not included. Car rental and personal driver services available upon request. A €300 security damage deposit on apts is required. Any item not specified is not included. Any additional service may be quoted upon request.


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