Hidden Rome: the key hole with the St Peter view

Il buco della serratura

One the most surprising hidden corner of Rome. Today I will tell you about a place I remember from my youth, a “mythical” one: the Garden of Oranges in the Aventino area of Rome and the close hidden spot  known around as “the key hole with a view on St Peter”.
Yes, this is correct, behind the big entrance door of the House of Malta Cavaliers, there is a spacious and beautiful garden whose edges are perfectly cut to be able to glimpse of the Dome in the background; the door is always shut and the garden is a private one but, checking the key whole you may see the Chapel….there is always someone in line to check: imagine what a incredible surprise to catch a sight of the majestic of San Peter Abbey putting an eye at the hole!

Let’s get back to the garden: it is called the Garden of Oranges because of the trees that fill the park and produce a nice shadow. In autumn and winter the trees grew beautiful, big and colorful oranges, often drop down and fill the grass. It is a nice place where to take a rest, sitting on the bench or laying on the grass; well for me, years ago, it was a stolen rest from the school time (we run to the garden every time we escaped from school as it is a few minutes walking from there…). The garden is a still a beautiful spot, peaceful and elegant (the whole area of Aventino and San Saba is similar), looks like the time stopped here to a different age, it is the perfect location for the concerts and performance that light up the Summer Season in Rome. This re enforce the point of the hidden spot in Rome.

So if you are around the area of Circo Maximo or Caracalla Therm, do not miss it. Hike up the Aventino (it is one of the seven hills the city of Rome is built on), enter the garden, enjoy the view from the terrace and glance at the key hole of the Door of the Malta Cavaliers garden (they are believed to be the descendant of the Templars from the Middle Age, the ones who guarded the Holy Graal).

What a tip this is, NO turist trap over here!!!

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