Unusual Rome with Pat: from Aventino to Trastevere



Unusual Rome with Pat is a walking tour from Aventino to Trastevere, around my favorite places, out of the typical areas visited by tourists, savoring the spots I love and remember from my youth, and keep visiting with family and friends.

We will start from the Circus Maximus, the largest stadium in ancient Rome: popular chariot races were held here for almost a millennium., at one point the Circus could seat 250,000 people, one quarter of Rome’s population.  Through a wonderful stroll up the Aventino, one of Rome’s seven hills, we will reach the loveliest, yet off-the-beaten-track church,  the simple and  majestic Santa Sabina.  There are views over the cityscape from the neighboring orange garden, and nearby a hole in the doorway of the Priory of the Knights of Malta supplies a remarkable surprise – a surreal and perfect view of St Peter’s.

Then we will walk to the River Tiber,  stopping by  The Mouth of  Truth (Bocca della Verità in Italian):  is an ancient Roman marble disc with a relief carving of a man’s face. According to legend the face’s mouth closes if a liar sticks his hand in it and cut it!!! Now we will enjoy the beautiful river side and will cross to the little island called “Isola Tiberina”, originally dedicated to Esculapio, protector of the Medicine Science,  and now house of an important hospital “Il Fatebenefratelli”. Time to cross to the other side and enter in Trastevere, from the Latin “Tras Tevere” (behind the Tiber); today this is the hippest and trendiest area in Rome, full of bars, restaurants, pubs, street artists, vintage shops and artisans laboratories.  One of the main square named by the Church of St Maria in Trastevere, the oldest dedicated to the Virgin Mary in Rome, is a famous meeting place for locals and is often  the chosen stage for street performances.

Time for a snack!!! Artisanal Ice Cream or street food as Pizza or Suppli, or even better a typical Aperitivo with an Aperol Spritz  or a glass of wine sit in  an open air tables of one of the many  Wine Bars and Enotecas.  One of my favorite is Grazia e Graziella or the Tonnarello, in the opposite corner. A typical dinner in Trattoria at  Casetta di Trastevere or Meo Patacca, will complete this perfect half day spent hanging  around my favorite spots: an experience that will make you feel “like a local in Rome”.

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