Alleys and corners of a lovely village: what see and eat in Montalcino, Tuscany


Nice to be back in Montalcino: after many years, I am back in this lovely wine hill-topped village…. and I feel like I’m at  home, a great feeling!

Getting lost among the enchanting little streets and alleys of this medieval village feels like receiving beautifully wrapped little gifts when I turn each corner. The lovely streets are full of grocery shops, wine bars, cafe’s and restaurants. My favorite one is Baccus, a traditional “Norcineria” where you can taste all kinds of poultry cold cuts and carpaccio. Enjoy your memorable meal in the peaceful outdoor area pairing food with a good red wine, the same wine that made the town famous.

Montalcino, indeed, became rich and famous thanks to the “Brunello di Montalcino” wine, considered one of the best and world renowned Italian wines: the precious recipe of Vin Brunello was invented in 1888 by Ferruccio Biondi Santi, who had the brilliant idea of eliminating other grapes used for the Chianti production, like Canaiolo and Colorino, and using just the Sangiovese grapes. He added a five year aging period, part of it in an oak french barrel.

The historic town center is dominated by the Rocca, a fortress built in 1361 to represent the conquest of the city by the stronger Siena. The view you enjoy from the Fortress is astonishing: from the Amiata mountain, through Crete and Siena, and all the Val d’Orcia until the Maremma. The fortress hasn’t been altered from the Medieval time and is often used as a location for festivals, events and concerts. The famous Jazz & Wine Festival, held every year in July is  the perfect combination of the pleasure of listening to good music and drinking a good wine.

A visit to Sant Antimo Abbay cannot be missed.  Unique and inspiring: on Sunday the Mass is celebrated in Old Latin, if you are around, schedule your day to be there. It is an uncommon and memorable experience in the old Monastery built in the 8th century.

To complete a perfect unforgettable day, do not miss visiting the Cantine Banfi Winery, located in the same name Borgo: an extraordinary combination of tradition and technology, work and passion, quality and efficiency in a suggestive location. Tree wines on Tasting, Classic or Super Tuscany, for any palate and special request.

….I am counting down the hours to go again!

Montalcino visit can be add to our exclusive itinerary Destination Tuscany. Link follows

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